Hear From Affiliates Running The Healthy Steps Nutrition Consulting Program:

We struggled putting together a nutrition program for the first 6+ years. In the last 5 months we have done more revenue than the previous 6 years.

Brian Strump

Owner, CrossFit Steele Creek

The biggest thing I was pleased with when I first got started was how easy it was to get set up on the back end. The program becomes profitable within the first 30 days.

Sherman Merricks

Owner, Dynasty CrossFit

Why did Crossfit Port Orange start using the Healthy Steps Consulting Program?

Written by: Sam Brumenschenkel, Owner Crossfit Port Orange

Why did I team up with a Registered Dietician?

I wanted more.

I wanted more time to spend growing other parts of our business than spending too many hours creating a nutrition program that I didn’t even know could help people.

I know I wasted too many hours on google looking up certifications, even researching graduate degrees trying to figure out how to teach nutrition at our affiliate! This doesn’t include the time and funds we spent on certifications, textbooks and handouts wondering how to make a nutrition program with a valuable service. By teaming up with an expert, I have a fantastic template to work from. I could have saved myself some money. I run individuals through her easy to follow program with guides. It’s all laid out for me. As an affiliate owner, my hand is in just about everything. It was nice to have something laid out for me, ready to go that I could implement right away to provide a service.

I wanted to add more value to our business, with less liability.

We offered free clinics a few times a year with a few handouts talking about “general nutrition”. It wasn’t our own method because it couldn’t be. After speaking to a lawyer, he mentioned that we could offer free clinics on general guidelines, but we couldn’t prescribe plans. We couldn’t call it our own but we could say, “Hey, this is an option”. Free clinics weren’t valuable to our clients. I’d venture to say a 1/4 of the class was late walking in with Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee and chatting about. It was a general plan. We wanted to help. By creating a real program, our method, we’re able to prescribe individualized plans and help the individual on exactly what they need.

I wanted “more” knowledge of how to really help clients get results.

I’ve learned so many tips and tricks on how to really work with clients. As CrossFit affiliates, we know how important hands on experience is. She is that for me. There are so many tips and tricks to help our clients achieve success and hand-outs that help me create change in them. Her program creates results in both the clinical setting and private practice. She has years of experience coaching people through nutrition. This means she knows some of my client’s biggest struggles before I do. Her knowledge has been essential in setting up our program. She also has her CrossFit Level 1 and enjoys CrossFit. She understands! It is an added bonus!

I wanted more clients and a variety of them!

I didn’t want to be limited to just our clients at our affiliate, I wanted to create change in all types of clients and even future fitness clients. Through my startup package and ongoing coaching with Nicole at My Healthy Steps Nutrition, I’ve worked with a variety of clients. We’ve even developed success with a client who was seeking out Gastric Bypass. this client lost over 70 lbs doing Nutrition Coaching at CrossFit Port Orange and avoided gastric bypass. I also worked with a second client in the beginning stages of Gastric Bypass, this client lost 4” in four weeks during Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’ve worked with 4 clients outside of our CrossFit Port Orange community that have seen the results of their friends and family, one commuted over three hours to take our individualized program who is also currently working with a current trainer in a big city. Why us? She liked the results she saw in her friend that she’d never seen before when she’d participated in other programs. By doing on-going coaching with Nicole each month, I’m able to ask her questions.The training I’ve done with Nicole has been thorough and fantastic, but it’s also nice to know that I have an expert to ask!

I wanted more credibility.

The greater Daytona Beach area is filled with various meal replacement companies with self-proclaimed “wellness coaches”. There are tiny little shops set up all over town charging people all sorts of prices for meal replacement shakes and supplements. For many, it’s part time work and I don’t know any of them with a formal background or education in nutrition. I wanted to set our Nutrition Coaching Program apart. I know first hand they are giving out less than ideal advice. I wanted something different. I wanted a program created by a professional using real food. When people ask, “Are you a nutritionist?” I get to say, “Our program is written and overseen by a Registered and Licensed Dietician that works both in the clinical setting and in sports performance!”. Wow. It sounds pretty cool. If you saw the look on people’s face when I say that, you’d feel like a million bucks like I do. On a not so bright side, I struggled answering that question before when we were just doing free clinics. I am pretty sure I had nightmares on how to answer that question before. It was just so embarrassing.

From the Client:

Here’s What one of Crossfit Port Orange’s Nutrition Clients said about the Program!

Written By: Brandon Mechtel, Nutrition Client and Athlete CrossFit Port Orange

Why did you want to do the CFPO?

I knew I didn’t know enough about nutrition. I had been doing CrossFit for over a year at CrossFit port Orange and felt like the workouts weren’t getting any easier for me. I give it a 110% when I come to the gym, but I knew there was something missing. I relied on coffee and pre workouts to keep up my energy throughout the day. I’d used meal plans and programs in this past, but I really wanted to know the “why” and how to understand what to eat. I didn’t realize understand what I was doing or what to do if I veered off track from my meal plans.

Was it what you expected? How so?

No. It was much more than I expected. I didn’t expect that much of a change in my physical appearance, overall energy and performance in the gym in four weeks. It honestly changed everything. Actually, even my wife noticed it even changed my demeanor right away. I used to feel tired, run down and groggy throughout the day. I won’t go back to the way I was eating before. Even cheat meals, I know exactly how to keep them balanced and hop right back on track right after.

What were some changes you made to your eating habits?

A lot more vegetables. I was eating little to no vegetables. Sunday is now meal prep day to help plan for the day. I make a schedule for the week so I stick to it and I don’t have to come with something on the fly. I eat out less a lot less and having a plan has helped me save a lot of money. I ditched pre-workout supplements to fuel my workouts and I feel stronger and better than ever.

What physical changes did you notice?

Right away, I noticed more definition and increase in energy. I felt less tired throughout the day. Working out seemed easier and gymnastics movements were much easier. Before I had to take a pre-workout just come to workout. Now I have the energy to work on skills after both strength and conditioning sessions and my ability to push through the workout has tremendously improved.

How confident are you now with knowing what and when to eat?

Really confident. I really learned a lot about meal prep and how to make a plan. If a plan falls through or I go out to eat, I know what to do. That was really important for me.

What would you say to someone who is considering doing the program?

Do it! Definitely do it if you are an athlete and you haven’t adjusted your nutrition. It’ll change your life. It’s changed the way I look at food. I feel better than I ever have.