Teen Program

It’s time to get your teen fit and healthy!

This program prepares teens for all around athleticism. Teen Fit was designed to improve strength, speed, flexibility and agility. This program encourages teens to improve health through proper nutrition and exercise.
Beyond exercise, teens will learn valuable lessons about life- hard work, courage, and character. This program will help keep teens who “don’t want to play sports” engaged because it is also fun! Participants will have workouts “scaled” to their ability! They will learn team work, cohesion, accountability and trust!

This program includes CrossFit style programming and a nutrition component written by a registered dietitian. Every class is 60 minutes long and will start with a group warm up, strength component and a metabolic conditioning portion. Every athlete will receive a nutrition handbook with recommendations of balanced meals. We will educate your teen on the missing link to their performance, proper nutrition!

We focus on proper form and technique to ensure safety.

Classes are Monday & Wednesday at 4PM