Take Control Of Your Health

Healthy Steps Nutrition Is Habit-Based Coaching Using A Holistic Approach

Individualized Coaching Paired With Accountability Every Step Of The Way

Holistic Approach

Addressing nutrition, mindset, stress management, daily movement, sleep and support system

Expert Health Guidance

Our Registered Dietitians/Nutritionists and certified coaches will create a personalized plan based on your health and wellness goals

Top-Notch Accountability

Ongoing support through weekly check-ins and follow-up sessions to help you every step of the way

Healthy Steps Nutrition will help you take control of your health

One Step At A Time To Prevent And Reverse Chronic Disease.

Most people are overwhelmed by all the different diet and nutrition information. Healthy Steps Nutrition will help you cut through the noise and create a personalized plan to reach your health and wellness goals.

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Habit-Based & Holistic Approach

We believe something as fundamental as nutrition shouldn’t be complicated, which is why we focus on a simple habit-based approach when working with clients.
Work with the Registered Dietitians at HSN for specialty programs addressing hormone, gut health, and blood sugar management.

What Does Working With A

Healthy Steps Nutrition Coach

Look Like?


Your coach will do a complete assessment, create a customized plan with you to meet your health, wellness & performance goals.


Your coach will track your progress during weekly check-ins to ensure you are reaching your goals


Healthy Steps Nutrition has helped over 50,000 people worldwide take control of their health

Success Stories from Healthy Steps Nutrition

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Meet Josh - Lost Over 100# Through HSN Employee Wellness Program
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Meet Kristy - Nutrition-Only Client
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Meet Esnel - Nutrition & CrossFit Member
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Meet Andrea - Nutrition & CrossFit Member

Ongoing Support With Your Coach Through The Exclusive Healthy Steps Nutrition App

Communicate with your coach between sessions, track habits, track progress, and get healthy tips and recipes by watching videos in the HSN App

Turn-Key Solution For Gym Owners & Coaches To Build A Professional Nutrition Program

Save time, and don’t reinvent the wheel when building, launching, and growing a nutrition program.

Earn Continuing Education Credits With Healthy Steps Nutrition Mentoring

Professional client resources like nutrition handbooks, recipes & sample meal ideas

Meeting templates & SOPs to deliver a consistent experience

Ongoing professional development to increase to confidence

Learn how to build & grow an employee wellness program

Build partnerships in your community with done-for-you seminars

Continued growth & support with monthly mentoring calls

Why Healthy Steps Nutrition?

Our mission is to help people take control of their health one step at a time to prevent and reverse chronic disease.

We believe something as fundamental as nutrition shouldn’t be complicated, which is why we focus on a simple, habit-based approach paired with accountability and support when working with clients.

In order to help you take control of your health, you need to address nutrition, stress management, mindset, daily movement, sleep and support.

Work With The Experts At Healthy Steps Nutrition

HSN HQ Coaching Programs

Located in Deerfield Beach, Florida, Healthy Steps Nutrition HQ offers nutrition coaching for for kids, adults and families. Specialty programs addressing hormone health, gut health and blood sugar management. Virtual coaching available.

Find A Healthy Steps Nutrition Coach Near You

HSN has certified thousands of coaches around the world. You can find a Healthy Steps Nutrition coach near you to work in-person with an experts using our guided, tested and proven framework.

Employee Wellness

Looking to prioritize physical and mental health in your company? HSN offers 6-week and ongoing employee wellness programs to become leaders in the industry.

What People Are Saying About Healthy Steps Nutrition

Ryan Connor
Ryan Connor
HSN has been a game changer for our Physical and Mental Health. We have been matched up with Amanda. She has been amazing at supporting and encouraging our family health journey. We are so glad we started working with Amanda and the HSN team.
Mary Gaul
Mary Gaul
The nutrition team at HSN has a simple plan for success. The tools and coaching they provide helps produce sustainable and lasting behavior and habit change.
A Quinn
A Quinn
Really loved working with HSN especially Brittany, she is so kind and compassionate and I love the way HSN is holistic and focuses on every step of being better not just nutrition!
Charlie Stoker
Charlie Stoker
Amazing information and engagement every day to help me learn about nutrition and have accountability to stay on track with my goals.
Stephanie Marnocha
Stephanie Marnocha
I was matched with a dietician at Healthy Steps Nutrition at the end of November to support me in building healthier habits around eating as well as manage potential side effects from a new medication. I have enjoyed how Brittany (my coach) has structured this program such by building a base/foundation by first identifying and working on certain habits (i.e., incorporating more veggies into my daily intake) then drilling down to become more specific. It made this process way less intimidating than other programs I have tried where they have you make drastic changes right away. The HSN app is very user friendly, and you can set it up to send you daily reminders about completing your habits/goals for the day. The HSN team has created HUNDREDS of helpful short videos with helpful information, tips, and tricks as it relates to nutrition, habits, and cooking/recipes. Grateful to have had this opportunity to support me in making lasting changes to my approach to health & nutrition!
Wisker Biskett
Wisker Biskett
I have been using Brittany and HSN for over 3 months now and she has been awesome to work with. Even with our busy schedule she helps us find the time to meet and stay accountable.
salina orlando
salina orlando
Today's AMRAP class was great it consisted of 8 round in 24 minutes. Nikki was very motivating and pushed me to keep going. It's only my first month ever doing CrossFit and am still learning a lot but definitely feel stronger.
Michelle Bramley
Michelle Bramley
HSN and my coach Brittany Greenwood helped me focus in on my goals while all the while gently supporting my humanness and dietary foibles. By bringing me back to the basics of movement, food choices, and sleep I have started seeing some real lasting changes in my health. I highly recommend their services!
laura garvin
laura garvin
Working with Lo has changed my life. Truly. She meets you where you are and works to understand how to effectively implement change in a way that actually works for you. Her patience, kindness, and faith in me has been a gift.
Tanya Sauer
Tanya Sauer
Healthy Step Nutrition has so much compassion for what they stand for and and do to help others be healthier version of them selves….

Partner With Healthy Steps Nutrition To Launch A Professional Nutrition Program In Your Gym

Are you looking to turn an informal conversation or nutrition challenge into an ongoing coaching program? Adding a nutrition coaching program will accelerate client results, increase retention, and add a revenue stream to your business.
HSN Mentoring provides a turn-key solution to help gym owners and coaches build, launch and grow a nutrition coaching program without reinventing the wheel.