Focusing on Real Food Not Food Products

With sugar and fat being infamously known as “bad” foods, it’s no wonder that food companies create and sell foods listed as being sugar-free, light, low-fat, etc. They do this in an attempt to make you, the consumer, think these foods are healthier...

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Who’s The Best Fit To Run Your Nutrition Program?

A nutrition coach can make or break a nutrition program. We have countless stories of gyms whose nutrition programs made a full turnaround once they found the right person to run the program. The bigger question is what do the "right fits" have in common? Last year,...

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The Value of In House Nutrition Coaching

Your clients respect you. They believe in the services and products you provide to them. They come to you when they need help and guidance. Nutrition support and programming needs to be coming from someone they know and trust. I was on the phone with a gym owner this...

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Introducing PWR!

A few weeks ago, I shared a story with you about an experience at my first bridal gown fitting. I witnessed a bride-to-be who was unable to fit into her dress with less than 3 weeks until her wedding. Her weight loss plan was not working for multiple...

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Can You Bounce Back?

What happens next? We have all been there. We make every effort to make nutrition and fitness a priority, then "life happens." You get busy and all of a sudden, your good habits of meal prepping and setting yourself up for success are gone. You feel like you can never...

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New and PWRful Things Are Coming to HSN

New and PWRful Things Are Coming... If you know me, you know that I am marrying my dream CrossFit man in May. If you don’t know me, now you know at least that much. You should also know that I’ve been a dedicated CrossFitter for 4 years, I am a Level 1 Trainer, and I...

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Why Do I Keep Falling Off My Diet?

Maintaining a long-term weight-loss plan is easier than you think. If you’ve fallen off your diet, implement these 4 proven strategies to get back on track.

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Not Your Normal Holiday Countdown

Thanksgiving is in 105 days. That’s 15 weeks. Assuming you exercise 3 days per week every week until Turkey Day, that’s 45 “fitness days” until it’s officially “The Holidays”.

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Why Make Nutrition Video Content?

Video content means a wider audience reach and helps solidify nutrition expertise at your affiliate.  Building a robust nutrition component into a CrossFit affiliate means having a variety of avenues to support members, including blog posts, one-on-one meetings,...

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