Virtual Training With Nicole Aucoin

In this seminar, you will learn how about chronic disease, what biomarkers you should be paying attention to, what those numbers mean and how to improve them.

Lastly, Nicole discusses the value of Continuous Glucose Monitoring and the newest disease prevention coaching program powered by Healthy Steps Nutrition.

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“The best way to fight chronic disease is to prevent it and the best way to prevent it is to educate yourself on what’s going on inside your body.” Nicole Aucoin

Introducing Continuous Glucose Monitoring Paired
With High Accountability Nutrition Coaching 🎉

In this high-touch point nutrition coaching program, Registered Dietitians at Healthy Steps Nutrition will combine the power of objective data through continuous glucose monitoring and habit-based nutrition and health coaching to help clients prevent and, in some cases, reverse chronic disease.

We recommend getting a full panel of blood work prior to starting this coaching program to track your blood sugar response and the greater picture with chronic disease biomarkers. 

This Program Includes:

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