Myth Buster Monday: Carbs are BAD!

One thing we hear on a daily basis from our new clients is that carbs are bad. This is a MYTH! Our body needs carbs! Carbs are our body’s main source of fuel and our brains live off carbohydrates. They are an important source of fuel for workouts and every day functions.

Some carbs cause more of an inflammatory response in the body than others. These carbs are ones that we recommend clients to stay away from such as refined and highly processed carbs, sugary drinks, & junk foods. Sugar causes a large inflammatory response and our pancreas has to go into overdrive to secrete insulin to break it down. The chronic consumption of high sugary foods takes it’s toll after a while. This is why we recommend low sugar, complex carbohydrates.

Here are some good carbs to stick with:

  1. Low glycemic fruits such as apples, berries, peaches and pears
  2. High fiber, low sugar breakfast grains such as old fashioned oatmeal or steel cut oats
  3. High fiber grains such as brown rice and quinoa
  4. Starchy veggies and legumes such as sweet potato, butternut squash and beans

Remember, it’s ok to have carbs in moderation. Stick with less than 1 cup cooked of these starches and load up on the non-starchy veggies!

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