Customized plans that will make everyone happy!

At Healthy Steps Nutrition, every plan is customized based on your child’s goals, likes and dislikes. We believe the key to success is having everyone involved and on the same page when creating our plans. We keep a positive atmosphere while having your child active in designing their meal plan.

We combine nutrition and personal training to see optimal results!


Taking your child’s performance to the next level!

We have worked with hundreds of teen athletes to help optimize performance through proper nutrition. Fueling around your workouts is the key to performance and sustained energy.

Not sure what to feed your child throughout the day or between school and practice? Are you looking for a customized plan for your child? 

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We work with individuals and small groups. Nutrition seminar series available for sports teams.

Ask about our comprehensive nutrition and small group training options to improve strength, speed and agility! (Email Nicole to find out more:

I have never been as lucky as when we were referred to Healthy Steps Nutrition!!! My son has changed the way he eats and would love to workout with Nicole 7 days a week if he could!! Thank you so much for getting our entire family to eat healthy and for changing the way my son looks… but especially the way he feels about himself!

Alisa Barbarino

son Christina, 8 years old - Alisa Barbarino

My son Ari is 7 years old and has struggled with his weight since he was born. We have been to multiple nutritionists and never been able his eating, and activity levels under control until meeting ith Nicole! Not only did she engage him in this process but she created a functional meal plan as well as an achievable exercise plan. since we started working with Heathy Steps in the middle of October he has lost 13 pounds! It has not always been easy, there have been many frustrating moments for both Ari and myself, but with support from all of our family and most importantly Ari’s hard work he is accomplishing his goals. Thank you Nicole!

Layne Bilu

son Ari, 7 years old - Layne Bilu