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Within 48-hours of filling out the form, you will be invited to the HSN App. Please lookout for an email with a subject line, "Welcome to Healthy Steps Nutrition." Open the email, click the green button to set up your account then download the Healthy Steps Nutrition app. You will not be able to login to the app until you are invited. This is a manual process so please be patient with us.

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  • Learn The Three Core Healthy Steps Nutrition Principles & Understand The Basics Of Nutrition

  • Learn How Use The Healthy Steps Nutrition App

  • Learn How To Stay Consistent With The Four Healthy Habits During This Challenge


Your Best Self Challenge

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*Disclaimer: This challenge only includes group engagement, group habits, and a simple framework to help you create healthy habits. If you are looking for individualized coaching with a dietitian and nutrition coach, options are available, and fees will apply.

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