Let’s Meal Prep for the Weekend!

I often hear the phrase, “I was on track all week, and then I don’t know what happened on the weekend.” I have fallen into this trap myself, so I started to think about why this happens.

When we talk about meal prepping, we think, “Ok, I will prepare my meals from Monday – Friday, and then on the weekends I will cook in the moment.” However, the reality is that it does not always happen that way.

Weekends are full of errands, activities, and hopefully extra sleep. Sometimes, cooking in the moment gets pushed to the side.

So I started thinking about meal prepping in a different way. Instead of thinking about meal prepping for just the week, I wanted to figure out how to incorporate the weekend as well. I did not want to get to Friday night and be “out of food.”

This weekend, I tried something different.

I went shopping on Friday night, picked two meals I was excited about making, and turned it into a Friday night activity. I made enough food for the whole weekend, and maybe a little extra.

I found that because the food was different from what I ate during the week, I was more inclined to eat it. I didn’t feel deprived. I also felt more prepared than I usually am, and wasn’t scrambling at the last minute.

I want you to give it a try. Don’t just meal prep for the week, but actively plan for your weekend. Make enough food and change things up.

Now, do you think you can stay on track all weekend?

Ivette Johnsen

Nutrition Coach

Healthy Steps Nutrition


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