Nutrition Made Simple Podcast Episode 24: How Graham O’Regan Worked With His Coach To Transform His Health

Today’s guest on the podcast is Grahman O’Regan! He is a nutrition client of Phoenix Strength and Conditioning and has been working with Colin for over six months. Phoenix Strength and Conditioning is a gym in Ireland who has done an incredible job keeping its members engaged with nutrition and supporting them despite being in a lockdown for over a year due to COVID.
Today, Graham and I talk about:
  • What prompted him to work with a coach
  • How working with a coach helped him, he has a unique perspective on working with a coach as he is a coach himself
  • How he was able to shift his mindset about food

Topics discussed in this episode

What prompted Graham to work with a coach

After spending a few years living in the US and moving back to Ireland, Graham was ready a change and to do something different from a nutritional perspective. He started working with his nutrition coach, Colin to dial in his nutrition. 

How working with a coach has helped him

Colin has helped create a specialized plan just for Graham. Over the past 6 months, Graham has lost 30 pounds! 
Graham, being a coach himself already had characteristics of being disciplined before starting nutrition coaching. Colin has helped him be accountable and stick with the habits they’ve created.

How he was able to shift his mindset about food

Graham looks at food as fuel to help him through exercise or a tough day at work. 
Graham has recently learned that he enjoys cooking and meal prepping. 
Graham has a new mindset of not eating past 8pm every night, to cut out the opportunity to make bad food choices.  He loves a full balanced breakfast to fuel him for the day and contributes this to part of his success. 


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