Transform in 5 Months

What would your transformation look like if you committed to making your health a priority for the next 5 months until we kick off a new year?

Life happens and it’s easy to fall off, but what motivates you to get back on track and, more importantly, stay you on track?

We all go through seasons where might not put ourselves first. Our business grew drastically over the past 18 months and I was making that a priority instead of myself.

In February, I decided enough was enough. I committed to myself that I was going to workout 16 times per month. This could be in a class (which is my favorite), open gym with anyone I could rope into working out with me, solo in my garage or in a hotel. Didn’t matter what or how, I was going to sweat for at least 30-60 minutes 16 times per month.

You might be thinking, that’s way too much. No problem – start with 10. That’s exactly what one of my nutrition clients decided he would commit to starting this month.

Here’s why I did it:

  • A good mental state is crucial to my success as a business owner, wife, step-mom, and overall pleasant human to be around
  • Working out makes me feel better
  • Everyone wants to feel confident in their skin, consistency with exercise is a vital piece of the puzzle

At CrossFit HSN, we use SugarWod. It gives you this really great chart and tells you exactly how many workouts you log each week and month. It was easy to track right in there.

You don’t need to go to the extreme when it comes to making a change. Just do something, consistently.

Twenty steps in the right direction will take you so much further than twenty steps in every direction.

I see so many people that get wrapped up in diets and gimmicks promising the world. The truth is, there is no magic pill. There is no secret sauce.

It takes hard work, dedication and being intentional with your actions. I can stay at my desk for 12 hours straight and work. I LOVE what I do and am so passionate about helping people take control of their health but then I’m not taking control of my own.

If you are tired of yo-yoing and unable to stay consistent, find a buddy and an accountability partner. Hire a nutrition coach to help you so that you stop feeling overwhelmed by all the different options out there and start feeling empowered to take control of your help because you finally have a plan and the support to help you achieve long-term success.

We have virtual and local nutrition coaches ready to help you!

Email me back and tell me what you will commit to over the next 5 months to wrap up 2020.

Nicole Aucoin, MS, RD, LD/N
Founder, Healthy Steps Nutrition
Home of CrossFit HSN and HSN Mentoring

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Nicole Aucoin, MS, RD, LD/N

Founder, Healthy Steps Nutrition
Home of CrossFit HSN & HSN Mentoring

Author of Nourish & Healthy Kids Cookbook

Author of The Basics of Nutrition Coaching Course, CrossFit Preferred Nutrition Course

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