Do You Have Picky Eaters At Home? Watch This Video.

Are you a parent with a picky eater at home?

No parent wants to fight with their kids about food after a long day. You also don’t want to feel like a short-order cook! 
Did you know it takes 12-15 times of trying a new food to know if you really like it or not? 
Watch this video to see how the dietitians at Healthy Steps Nutrition work with kids and parents to introduce new foods!

Dietitian Pro Tips:

  • Get the kids involved and let them decide what they want to try
  • Implement Friday Try-Day (Check out the video above to see how to do it)
  • Buy the Healthy Kids Cookbook (100% Kid-Approved Recipe The Entire Family Will Love) & let your child look through the cookbook and pick a new healthy recipe to try
  • Try new foods as a family

How Can A Nutrition Coach Can Help Your Picky Eater?

The nutrition coaches and dietitians at Healthy Steps Nutrition work with kids and families to introduce new foods to picky eaters.
Children are more open to listening and trying new things when it’s not coming from their parents!
If you are looking for a guide to help you and your family, apply for nutrition coaching today. 


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