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A few weeks ago, I shared a story with you about an experience at my first bridal gown fitting. I witnessed a bride-to-be who was unable to fit into her dress with less than 3 weeks until her wedding. Her weight loss plan was not working for multiple reasons, and time was running out. The experience inspired me and helped me realize that I have the opportunity to help people, but I wan’t sure how to start. Nicole Aucoin is my boss, but she is also my friend and mentor, a Registered Dietitian, L2 CrossFit Trainer, published author, owner of Healthy Steps Nutrition & CrossFit HSN. She has been helping people through “food education” for years now. I told her my alterations story and that I wanted to help. She was on board instantly. She created a program we could offer brides (and their friends and families) that was based on previous successes, allowing us to guarantee results. After all, we are talking about the most important day of peoples’ lives.

Our goal in creating the program is to provide education, guidance, support, structure and results combining Nicole’s nutrition expertise and my passion for fitness. This “team” of professionals is here to help the busy, task-juggling, perfection-seeking, possibly stressed out bride-to-be who’s goal is to rock the best body of her life on her wedding day. She may have little to no fitness experience, or she may just need that extra something, and for that, we have created Project Wedding Ready. Affectionately nicknamed “PWR”. The first word of the title, “Project” suggests that this is a temporary program, and it is. PWR was designed as a kick starter, quickly introducing people to the world of fitness and nutrition and hopefully, their new lifestyle. Once they have completed the initial six weeks, they will be more than prepared to continue on their fitness journey, whether that means maintenance or continued success. The second part of the title, “Wedding Ready” was chosen because even though this concept was inspired by a bride, we quickly decided that anyone involved in the wedding should be able to take advantage of the program; Mothers of the Bride, Grooms, Bridesmaids and so on. Everyone has an idea of how they want to look on special occasions, and we designed PWR to get people to their goals.

What exactly is involved? Lets break it down.

First, PWR Participants will sit down with Nicole for their Initial Nutrition Consultation where they will complete their first InBody composition scan, record measurements and set goals. Based on this information, Nicole will create six weeks of comprehensive meal plans including breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks per day. Within the next week to week and a half, Participants will complete 3 one on one Personal Training sessions with me. During these hour long sessions, we will get familiar with the CrossFit terminology and movements, learn proper form, and I’ll get to know them and their goals. Getting to know each other will be important for the next part of the program, The Accountability Partner.  Participants will receive motivational texts, feedback, tips, recipes, check-ins and reminders from me throughout the program. After the last Personal Training session is complete, our Participants will now have access to unlimited CrossFit Classes where they will get to know our current athletes, become part of the community, be coached by all 5 of our dynamic coaches and receive ongoing support from their Accountability Partner and Nutrition Coach. Most importantly, they will participate in a wide variety of fun, challenging exercises that will burn fat, build muscle and keep their metabolism revving all day long. When the six weeks is over, Participants will complete a second InBody scan to track their progress, they will be re-measured and their original goals will be reviewed. Project Wedding Ready memberships will automatically roll over into our Wellness Membership which includes ongoing Nutrition and unlimited CrossFit classes. All Participants will also receive a special edition shirt with the PWR/HSN logo on it!

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Project Wedding Ready was created with love for brides and their friends/family so they can set and reach realistic goals by educating them about proper and nutrition and teaching them how to create healthy fitness habits. We wanted to eliminate the fad diets, starvation and mislead, uninspired work outs. I said I wanted to advocate for brides and their loved ones who know what they want, but aren’t sure how to get it. “Let us be the team you trust to get you into the best shape ever for your best day ever.”

We are beyond excited to share the PWR!

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