Introducing The Brand New Healthy Kids Cookbook by Healthy Steps Nutrition

Are you looking for healthy recipes the whole family will love? 


Healthy Steps Nutrition just released a brand new healthy kids cookbook!

The Story Behind The Healthy Kids Cookbook...

While sitting at the dinner table one night, Nicole & Jason were talking to their kids, Brody and Cooper, about how to start a business. 


Nicole & Jason own a few businesses including a CrossFit affiliate, a nutrition coaching company empowering individuals and families to become the healthiest versions of themselves. 


Nicole said, “A successful business solves a problem.” This discussion led to a conversation about what problem they could solve. Cooper said, “What if we help kids eat healthier?” 


Within a few minutes, we had a drawing board out and they were planning their kid’s cookbook.


Brody and Cooper have grown up eating healthy their entire life. They grew up in a blended household where both families focus on healthy eating and eating real foods. There is a tribe of four parents and grandparents who have the privilege of raising these little humans.


This cookbook was the perfect opportunity to teach them how to start a business and inspire others to eat healthily.


They worked hard to pick out all of the recipes from the cookbook to inspire kids to eat healthily and get involved in the kitchen.  



On November 12th, we hosted a book signing at CrossFit HSN. Here's a recap Of The Cookbook Signing...

Dozens of kids had their cookbooks signed by Brody and Cooper. They talked about their favorite recipes (which are labeled throughout the book) and their favorite healthy snacks. Kids left excited to try new recipes!


Brody and Cooper made the cookbook to inspire other kids to eat healthy and that’s exactly what they did during the book signing! 

You Will Support Local Families In Need By Buying The Cookbook!

The Aucoin Family is donating 100% of all revenue from the first 1,000 copies to local families in South Florida this Thanksgiving!


Are you looking to donate food this holiday season? We have partnered with Coastal Community Church in Parkland to feed local families. 

What To Expect From The Cookbook:

✅ Healthy Recipes The Whole Family Will Love

✅ Simple Strategies To Empower Your Family To Eat Healthily

✅ Dietitian Tips With Every Recipe

✅ Cookbook Bonus Guide With Sample Meal Ideas, Tips For Picky Eaters & So Much More


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Nicole Aucoin, MS, RD, LD/N

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