Meet Cindy Dudas

Meet Cindy Dudas

Cindy has been a virtual nutrition client with Healthy Steps Nutrition since November 2020.
She is a mom, wife, coach, and a wonderful friend to so many people! 
Cindy admits that 10 years ago, she was not confident in her own skin. She would wear clothes to cover up her “flaws” and would worry so much whether or not others could see those imperfections. 
But over the last 4 years, and more specifically the last 8 months, she has found out so much about herself and how strong she can be!

Her Journey With Nutrition Coaching

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Since starting nutrition coaching with Healthy Steps Nutrition, Cindy has gained strength, endurance, and confidence with her nutrition coach supporting every step of the way!

What prompted you to sign up for nutrition coaching?

One of the gym owners where I work told me he thought I’d be good at coaching people with their nutrition. He then has me sign up to take a nutrition course and I fell in love with the knowledge and wanted to use it immediately to help others. I was given a few clients and started to see results with them, but I was having trouble keeping track of all their progress. So we decided to give the Healthy Steps Nutrition Mentoring program a try to streamline our process and gain more of the knowledge I craved to help people more efficiently and effectively. 

At the same time I started training in the Healthy Steps Nutrition Mentoring program, I also signed up as a virtual nutrition client. We figured that would be a good idea so I could have a first hand experience with nutrition coaching from HSN.

How has nutrition coaching helped you?

Nutrition Coaching with Healthy Steps Nutrition has had a twofold benefit for me. 

Not only have I learned so much from my own nutrition coach from a coaching perspective, but I have learned how to take care of myself so much better than I could’ve ever figured out on my own. 

I’ve learned that even coaches need coaches!


What have been your results so far?

So throughout the process so far, my outlook has changed, my body composition has changed, I feel stronger in my workouts,  and I feel more confident in making nutrition choices for myself and my clients. 

Because of this new confidence, I’ve been able to recruit more clients and retain them for ongoing coaching for much longer than before. 

I think the fact that people can actually see me changing as a person has helped with our nutrition business. I am living proof that the system works. A walking billboard, really. I have been enjoying every minute of it.

What would you say to someone considering nutrition coaching at Healthy Steps Nutrition?

Do it! Working hard at the gym and changing my eating habits has been paying off in so many ways and I’ve never been happier. I feel the best that I ever have! It’s also because of them that I became a great Nutrition Coach and I will be forever grateful. 


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