Nutrition Made Simple Podcast Episode 22: 3 Tips When Tracking Progress

How do you define success of your nutrition plan?

In this episode, Ashley Osterman and Nicole Aucoin discuss three tips when tracking your progress towards your health and wellness goals.

We know that progress isn’t a straight line and in order to have continued motivation, we must see the wins!

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Three tips when tracking your progress towards your health and wellness goals

Tracking biometrics

If you’re able to have a bioelectrical impedance machine or get measured on an InBody, these track changes in our muscles and in our body fat. We recommend to measure at the same time of day, using the same machine, this is going to help you best compare trends.

Another easy way is measuring your waist circumference.

Take progress photos!

If you were to make habits and be consistent and change starting today, and a year from now, can you stay consistent? How much would your body composition change? Photos are a great way to track these changes.

Our clients track progress photos within the HSN App.

Non scale victories

We have to find those successes, and a lot of times those successes have nothing to do with your weight. Think of your energy levels, when you eat better, and you’re more consistent with what you’re eating. How much more energy do you have, when you stop eating a ton of processed carbohydrates for lunch? Do you still have that same crash in the afternoon? What is your mood?  Do you have those mood swings often and when you start eating better, is your mood more stable?

Notice the way your clothes are fitting.

Track performance and how your performance is improving when you eat better and you’re adequately fueled for your workouts.


If you are consistently doing things every day, one thing at a time, you are going to see better results.

If you’re not consistent, that inconsistency is what causes people to get frustrated and fall off because they think this isn’t working.

If you are hiring a coach, that coach is there to help keep you accountable, and help you be more consistent ensuring you have all the tools and support to be consistent.


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