Nutrition Made Simple Podcast Episode 25: Chip Reid’s Journey To Take Control Of His Health Then Empowering His Employees To Do The Same

Chip Reid was tired of not seeing results with his current exercise routine. He knew there was a missing piece of the puzzle which is why he hired the experts at Healthy Steps Nutrition to help him. After seeing amazing results himself, he wanted to empower his employees to do the same.
The former CEO of Current Builders, a Construction Company in South Florida, worked with Healthy Steps Nutrition to create a comprehensive wellness program for employees. In this episode, we discuss his journey to getting healthy and how his employees were able to do the same!

Topics discussed in this episode

Chip's health journey

Chip was actively working out his whole life. Although he was active, he found himself at a weight he wasn’t comfortable with. He had a mindset of as long as he was working out, he could eat whatever he wanted. Chip realized this mindset wasn’t sustainable for his health and started nutrition coaching with Healthy Steps Nutrition. 
Nutrition coaching helped Chip stay on track and reach his health goals through accountability, creating new habits and a customized nutrition plan.

How HSN created a comprehensive wellness program for Chip's employees

HSN created a customized program and challenge for Chip’s company, this included nutrition and fitness. Nicole launched with a six week program, and then that ended up rolling into an ongoing fitness program that HSN provided Chip’s company with for consecutive years. 
Some spouses of the employees even came to join the fitness and nutrition program. The program not only helped the employees well being, their spouses saw the benefit as well. It makes it so much easier to be successful and maintain the results that you’re looking when your spouse or the people who are closest to you are onboard. 


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