Nutrition Made Simple Podcast Episode 26: 3 Popular Nutrition Myths & What You Need To Know

Have you been tricked by a quick fix or fast acting diet (aka FAD)?
In this episode, Ashley Osterman and Nicole Aucoin discuss the top three nutrition myths and what you really need to know to achieve lasting results. You might be surprised by #3!
If you have been tricked and you are looking for an expert nutrition coach to help you head to today!

3 Popular Nutrition Myths

The truth about fat free & carbohydrates

We need fat in our diet, it keeps us full and can be used a source of energy.
When fat is limited or “fat free” fat is removed and more sugar is added.
Focus on plant-based and animal sources of fat.
Healthy animal sources of fat are lean sources of meats and medium fat sources of meats.
Try healthy plant-based sources of fat like avocado, nuts and seeds, coconut and olive oil.
Carbohydrates are so important for us. They’re our body’s main source of fuel. By consuming carbohydrates, it keeps protein from being broken down and uses energy. We want carbohydrates that are going to be high in fiber and lower in sugar.
It’s important to look at the nutrition facts label to see how many total carbohydrates there are and what is the breakdown.

Healthy labels

We encourage you to make sure you’re looking at nutrition facts labels when you’re thinking you’re buying something that’s seemingly healthy.
When you see something that says reduced sugar, or less sugar on the product as the nutrient content claim, that does not necessarily mean that it’s low sugar. Reduced or less sugar claim means that at least 25% less sugar is in that product than the regular product.
When it’s no sugar added. That just means there’s no sugar or sugar containing ingredient added during the processing or packaging. But doesn’t mean there’s no sugar at all, there was just nothing added during that time.

Restricting calorie intake

When we restrict calories, we don’t eat enough during the day, this leads to overeating at the end of the day. The best practice is to eat sufficient calories and eat frequently throughout the day. 
If you want to see success in reaching your goals, you need to have to a plan.
This means having meals and snacks easily ready to go so that you don’t have to waste too much time prepping everything from scratch.


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