Nutrition Made Simple Podcast Episode 27: Angela Kerrisk Loses 57KG Then Becomes A Nutrition Coach To Help Others On Their Journey

Today’s guest on the podcast is Angela Kerrisk from the Activate Nutrition Team in Ireland.
After trying every diet under the sun with no long-term success, she hired a nutrition coach to help her.
Nicole Aucoin and Angela Kerrisk talk about her weight loss journey and losing over 57KG (that’s 125#!) and what she is doing now to inspire others on their journey to becoming the healthiest versions of themselves!

Topics Discussed in this Episode

Angela's weight loss journey

After following years of restrictive diets that didn’t provide her with long term success, Angela was inspired by her grandsons and family to make a change and become the healthiest version of herself.
She started by signing up with local her CrossFit gym, Activate in Ireland. After starting a fitness routine, Angela still felt there was a missing piece to the puzzle. She signed up for a nutrition challenge at the gym. This led Angela to realize she needed a nutrition coach. She signed up as nutrition client with Activate, the accountability of her coach, Brian was a huge component in helping her achieve her weight loss goals every steps of the way.

What she's doing now to inspire others

After nutrition changed Angela’s life, she found a life passion for nutrition. She wanted to help others and became a nutrition coach. Angela went through the PN L1 followed by the HSN Mentoring program. She is now a nutrition coach at Activate in Ireland. 
Since Angela has been through a life changing transformation on her own, she is relatable and compassionate towards her nutrition clients to help them be successful long term.

What Angela would recommend people who are looking to hire a coach

To do your research, check out their program including how they manage their program, procedures and success. Look for testimonials and what their recommendations are for someone who has experienced the program. 


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