Nutrition Made Simple Podcast Episode 83: 10 Things I Wish I Knew As A Teen About Nutrition & Health

Today is going to be really fun. This podcast is actually geared for parents first, but then meant to be shared with your teen. 10 things I wish I knew about nutrition as a teen athlete. The thing is most teenagers, especially girls, want to look a certain way. We don’t realize the food that we eat and how it fuels our body and how it’s truly how we are going to build muscle, get stronger, get faster, and recover from strenuous workouts, especially when we are teen athletes. I remember growing up doing gymnastics and then cheerleading and my nutrition while I ate healthy foods. I definitely didn’t eat.
Well, in today’s podcast, I’m hoping that you get an outsider’s perspective for your children, for your teens, so that they understand how the food they eat fuels their body, fuels their brain, and is going to help them get stronger and healthier. The goal of nutrition and healthy eating at a younger age isn’t meant to be a fight. We want to empower our kids to eat healthy and want to eat healthy. I know it sounds crazy, but it is definitely possible. I hope you enjoy this episode and please share it with your teen. I know it’s going to impact them and help them think twice about their food decision so that they can truly perform better in school and in sports.
10 things I wish I knew about nutrition as a teen athlete:
1. Food is fuel – it gives you energy.
2. You need to try something 12-15 times before you know if you really like it or not.
3. Food can be the greatest medicine or the slowest poison.
4. How you prepare things matters. Try roasting and get in the kitchen! One day you will be on your own and you will need to know how to cook.
5. What you eat impacts your mood.
6. What you eat impacts your quality of sleep.
7. Severe calorie deprivation to lose weight (fasting or eating minimally) will slow down your metabolism and works against you.
8. Salads aren’t always the best option!
9. If your parents make you eat healthy, it’s because they love you!
10. The healthy habits you create today will impact you 20, 30, 50 years from now.
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