Nutrition Made Simple Podcast Episode 90: The One Thing That’s Influencing Your Ability To Reach Your Weight Loss Goals More Than You Think

In this podcast episode, Nicole Aucoin discusses the influence of our environment on our ability to achieve weight loss goals. She emphasizes the importance of making the healthy choice the easy choice by structuring our physical and social environments to support our goals. Nicole shares personal examples and references a study on willpower to illustrate how environmental factors impact our decision-making process. She highlights the significance of a supportive social network and suggests seeking accountability partners or joining communities aligned with our health goals. Overall, Nicole encourages listeners to assess their environments and seek support to create a plan for long-term success.
In this episode, you will learn the following:
  • Making the healthy choice the easy choice is crucial for weight loss goals.
  • Environmental factors heavily influence decision-making and willpower.
  • Structuring the physical environment, such as the pantry and office, is important for success.
  • The social environment, including friends and accountability partners, plays a significant role.
  • Nutrition coaching and joining communities can provide guidance and support.
  • Creating a clear plan and consistent habits is key to achieving long-term success.
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