Nutrition Made Simple Podcast Episode 93: Avery’s Story Of Overcoming Breast Cancer & Taking Control Of Her Health

In this episode, Nicole Aucoin welcomes Avery Quinn, a breast cancer survivor who recently completed the 12-week scholarship program with Compete for a Cure. Avery shares her journey, discussing the challenges she faced during conventional treatment and the transformative impact of personalized nutrition coaching. They explore the importance of mindset, habit tracking, and the plate method in enhancing overall well-being. Avery also highlights the positive influence of her healthy habits on her family and the insights gained through continuous glucose monitoring. 
What You’ll Learn:
  • Lack Of Personalized Support In Conventional Treatment
  • Discovery And Engagement With Compete For A Cure Through Instagram
  • Positive Impact Of Mindset And Affirmations On Overall Well-Being
  • Influence Of Healthy Habits On Family Dynamics, Especially Children
  • Insights From Continuous Glucose Monitoring And Its Role In Symptom Management
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Compete For A Cure and Healthy Steps Nutrition have partnered to offer a scholarship program for women diagnosed with breast cancer who can receive nutrition coaching. 
The Compete For A Cure Scholarship is a 12-week individualized nutrition and health coaching program that’s completely FREE for those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.
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