Recap Of The CrossFit Games: Nutrition, Health & Affiliate Support

The Overall Picture

While most people go to the CrossFit Games to watch fit people work out; there are a ton of really awesome events that happen for the CrossFit community throughout the weekend! 
This year was by far the best in terms of affiliate support, CrossFit Health, and opportunities to connect with gym owners. 

CrossFit Affiliate Owner Support

Eric Roza joined a few people who were a part of the first affiliate round table, which will be launching soon!  

As a gym owner, you can sometimes feel like you are on an island. This panel discussion talked about what they thought the affiliate round tables would be like and what they actually were.
The goal of these round tables is to provide a safe place for gym owners to connect, talk to each other, and help.
Have you signed up for the waitlist yet? Learn more about the CrossFit Round Tables HERE. 
Throughout the course of the weekend, there were happy hours and networking events for affiliate owners. It was so great to connect with fellow gym owners!
We also had the opportunity to meet some of the awesome gym owners and coaches who run Healthy Steps Nutrition at their gym! 

Here Are A Few Gym Owners
Using The HSN Platform

Brent & Jillian, owner & coach at CrossFit Wicked

Dmitry, owner at Natrium CrossFit in Russia!

Richard, owner at CrossFit Riverside

Bryce, owner at Hush Performance & Nutrition

Healthy Steps Nutrition At The Games

Nicole was asked to come back to present on nutrition in the CrossFit Training Seminar Stage!
The presentation was focused on three trends we see with clients who successfully lose weight and transform their health. 

Two of the Healthy Steps Nutrition Mentors, Jen & Heather, joined Nicole on the seminar stage to talk about the impact nutrition coaching had on their affiliate! 

Did you miss the nutrition seminar at the CrossFit Games?

Click the link below to register and watch it live or catch the recording! 

CrossFit Health Initiatives
At The CrossFit Games

Dr. Julie Foucher, Pat Sherwood, Athena Perez, Dr. Nick Nwabueze & Dr. Tom McCoy discussed CrossFit and Chronic Disease during a panel discussion on Saturday. 
Prior to COVID shutdowns, CrossFit Headquarters would host gatherings at HQ in Santa Cruz. These meetings would allow doctors and other health care professionals to come together to discuss nutrition, health & chronic disease. Speakers would come from around the world to present cutting-edge research. I was fortunate to attend many of these events over the years. 
One of my favorite presenters was Pat Sherwood. He talked about how he worked with the morbidly obese population in his garage gym through nutrition and fitness coaching.
The problem was no one besides the people who attended these meetings got to hear the incredible things he was doing… until this weekend! 

Why Does This Matter?

Historically, the CrossFit Health Conference was early in the week and wasn’t very accessible to all spectators (only healthcare professionals). This year, everyone who attended the games had the opportunity to sit in on panel discussions and listen to some incredible presenters. 
They were all recorded. Once they are posted, we will share them so follow us on Instagram HERE!

CrossFit Mission Statement: Be the world’s leading platform for health, happiness, and performance.

By making the CrossFit Health panels information more accessible, the focus is shifting more towards health! 

Do you remember Josh from Levels Health?

He spoke on one of the CrossFit Health panels on wearables. Levels Health is a continuous glucose monitoring experiment.
Jason and Nicole Aucoin conducted a continuous glucose monitoring experiment on themselves for over six weeks. You can hear all about it and more about continuous glucose monitoring on Episode 15 of the Nutrition Made Simple Podcast Episode.
Listen to his Nutrition Made Simple Podcast Episode HERE. 

Did you miss the nutrition seminar
at the CrossFit Games?

Click the link below to register and watch it live or catch the recording! 


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Instant Access To Free Nutrition Seminar Recording

Nutrition Made Simple Seminar Recording With Nicole Aucoin

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