We are so excited to be back for our 8th season supporting the gymnasts at Twisters! Click the link below to see the brand new Nutrition Handbook! 

Twisters Gymnastics:
How To Stay On Track This Summer

Pro Tips:

  1. Practice Mindful Eating Tips:
    • Slow Down
    • Check Your Food At Least 12-15 Times
    • Put Your Fork Down Between Bites
    • Drink Water Between Bites
  2. Use The Intuitive Eating Scale HERE (Start Eating At A 3-4 & Stop At 7). 
  3. Stay Hydrated By Drinking Water 
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How To Stay On Track With Your Nutrition This Summer

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Favorite On-The-Go Options

Twisters Gymnastics:
Fueling Around Workouts

Pro Tips:

  1. Practice mindful eating, slow down, and before eating ask yourself, “Am I hungry or am I bored?”
  2. Try to maintain a schedule during the holidays and focus on balance (remember to pair protein, carbohydrates, and fat).
  3. Be mindful when having treats and sweets. Watch your portions, slow down and enjoy a small piece then move on! 
  4. Remember to stick with water as the drink of choice. 
  5. For sample pre-workout snacks and sample meals, check out the brand new handbook! 

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Did You Know We Released A Cookbook?

Are you looking for simple recipes the entire family will love? 

Do you want your kids to start eating healthier? 

Nicole, Jason, and their kids, Brody and Cooper, released a cookbook filled with healthy recipes the entire family will love!