Virtual happy hours and meeting with friends have become part of the norm over the past few weeks. Alcohol sales are up 55% percent compared to the same dates last year. Either people are stocking up, or they are consuming more, probably a combination of both.One of the most common things we are hearing from clients is that they have increased alcohol intake over the past few weeks to help deal with stress. 


The problem is if you are working hard to stay active at home and prep food so that you are eating well, alcohol intake will inhibit your results. 


I have found myself grabbing a glass of wine more often in the evening since we have been stuck at home all day. I told Jason last night that I was only going to have two glasses of wine per week. 


I’m not telling you to drink alcohol; I do think there are some strategies to be mindful of when it comes to alcohol. 


Here are 5 Tips For Managing Alcohol Consumption:


1. Do an assessment. 

How much are you drinking now vs. a month ago? Is it more or less? Now reflect on why. Is it stress? Is it becoming part of your daily routine?  


2. Set boundaries for yourself. 

How many days a week are you going to have a beverage, and how many in one night? Keep track! 


3. Alternate water with alcohol and cut yourself off. 

Alcohol tends to cause you to be dehydrated; by alternating with water, you will ensure you stay hydrated. With not many places to go and not to worry about drinking and driving, it might be easier to grab another one. If you are going to have a drink, try to stick with one. 


4. Be mindful of what mixers you are using

Not only does alcohol contain seven calories per gram, but the mixers also contain calories. Check out this graphic below that shows how much sugar and calories you will find in one drink! 


5. Find an accountability partner. 

It is a lot easier to grab a drink when others are drinking around you. Talk to your significant other or roommate and see if they will limit the alcohol consumption with you! 

Use these tips to help you assess where you are and set a plan to determine what is right for you! 

Stay Healthy,