Healthy Steps Nutrition HQ Important Updates

What has changed in your daily routine over the past two weeks? Are you working from home? Are your kids home from school with you?

There are so many things out of our control with the coronavirus pandemic. 

Let’s focus on what we can control — proper nutrition, exercise, stress management and sleep. 

With so much negativity, we wanted to do something fun and positive for our community so last week, we launched a Stay Healthy Broward & Palm Beach County campaign. The goal of this campaign is to help our community find a new normal and share nutrition tips, workouts and healthy recipes to help everyone Stay Healthy!  

Join the FREE Stay Healthy Broward and Palm Beach County Facebook Group >>HERE. 

Why? Because, now more than ever, you need to focus on what you can control to Stay Healthy!

We closed HSN HQ on Monday, March 16th, voluntarily and moved to a virtual platform. It was scary but we had a plan to support our community to help them find a new normal.

Members are receiving individualized support because they are paired with a coach who checks in with them and provides them weekly habits to focus on through the exclusive HSN App. We are offering virtual classes for our community. They log-in, get a great sweat in, and get to see each other.

The day after we closed, we received an email from one of our members, Jason Friedman, that said, “Not only are you ahead of the curve on this, but you are setting the right example for the rest of us which leads to my next point. You guys are the leaders of this crazy little community of ours and your commitment to keeping us safe and doing what is right for the community as a whole shows real leadership. I have always appreciated you guys and this community, but your actions in the last 24 hours confirm every positive thought I have ever had about you both.”

We are so thankful for our HSN family for all their support. 

It’s going to be tough, but we must find a new normal. Join the Stay Healthy Broward & Palm Beach surrounding yourself with a community who is motivated to Stay Healthy together >>HERE.

Stay Healthy, 




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