Meet Kim McCool

Meet Kim McCool

Kim has lost 4.3% body fat and 10 pounds in 6 months. She hit her goals and now is in maintenance mode!
Kim has been a Healthy Steps Nutrition client since January 2021.  
She is a business owner, CrossFit coach, mother, and grandmother.  In all of her free time, she trains for and runs ultra-marathons!  Kim loves to help others, but she realized that she needed to get her own nutrition in check before she can help other people with theirs. 

Nine years ago, Kim lost an incredible 100 pounds on her own! Like so many others, she did this by following strict food rules that didn’t always leave her body feeling balanced and well-fueled. 

She was eager to learn a way to maintain her weight, properly fuel for training, and find a healthy balance in her lifestyle.   Kim has made amazing progress by focusing on one small habit change at a time, and has noticed a significant improvement in her mindset, performance, and recovery!

Her Journey With Nutrition Coaching


Since starting nutrition coaching with Healthy Steps Nutrition, Kim has been able to lose weight and use the tools provided by her nutrition coach to stay “on track” without feeling restricted or like she is on a diet. 

Through nutrition coaching Kim has learned that wellness is truly a lifestyle!

What prompted you to sign up for nutrition coaching?

I started HSN nutrition coaching because I was frustrated with my own progress as I was taking my own nutrition course to become a nutrition coach myself. 

How has nutrition coaching helped you?

Through the process of nutrition coaching I have learned so much about myself. Not all progress or lack of is because of what you consume. 

I have learned how stress affects my gains or losses in every way – weight loss and muscle gain. I have also learned to make things easier for myself. 

I tended to be very structured in my eating and if I did not do what I thought I was supposed to do I was “off track” and did not allow myself to have indulgences without overindulging. 


What have been your results so far?

So far I have lost 10lbs of fat and gained 2 pounds of lean muscle. I also feel stronger and more confident in each workout!

What would you say to someone considering nutrition coaching at Healthy Steps Nutrition?

I would tell anyone on the fence trying to decide if they need a nutrition coach to do it!! We all get too much in our heads at times and we just need to allow someone else to guide us. 


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