New Month, New Week, New Start

Can you believe it’s already June 1st? We are close to halfway through 2020.


According to psychology studies, we are more motivated to pursue our goals on specific dates. These dates include birthdays, holidays, the start of a new week, quarter, or month. Experts call this “temporal landmarks,” meaning it is easier to separate past failures and start fresh.


Google searches show spikes in the word “diet” on these milestone days. Gym owners see increased attendance on the 1st of the month, at the beginning of the new year and after birthdays.


We start with great intentions! It’s a new month. We want to see change, so we dive headfirst.


The problem is that it’s not sustainable. Changing too much too quickly leads to failure.

Research shows by just focusing on one thing at a time; you have over an 80% success rate to maintain that habit for a year. When focusing on two things at one time, you have about a 35% success rate, and when changing three habits at one time, there is a less than 5% success rate for maintaining that habit for a year!


We live in a microwave society. We wait until it’s too late to start then we want instant results. We think if we can change everything at once, the results will be better. Yes, you might see faster results, but it is temporary.


Two-thirds of people who diet will regain more weight than before they started the diet.


People who are successful long-term start slow. They have accountability and a positive support system around them. This is why people who have a nutrition coach are more effective. They have a guide helping them along the way.


Today is the start of a new month and a new week. It’s a temporal landmark. Mentally, we can put the past behind us and start fresh.


This month, it’s time to do something different. Instead of diving in headfirst, just change one thing.

What is your one thing?


Write it down and track your progress.


If you need help deciding what your ONE thing should be, book a free intro. We can help!


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