Nutrition Made Simple Podcast Episode 31: How Karyne Lyon Lost 12 Pant Sizes & Kept It Off

Today’s guest on the podcast is Karyne Lyon, a nutrition client at Graham Strength & Conditioning.
After trying many diets and failing, she decided to commit to taking control of her health through nutrition, fitness coaching, and accountability with her nutrition coach, Nikki. With the support of her family, friends, and CrossFit community, she has lost over 65# and 12 pant sizes.
She says, “I’m training for the marathon of my life now.” Listen to her inspiring story and see how she did it on this podcast!
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Topics Discussed in this Episode

How Karyne took control of her health

With the support and encouragement from her family, Karyne started going to her local CrossFit gym 3x a week. She joined a nutrition challenge at the gym. After starting the nutrition challenge and CrossFit, Karyne noticed a difference in the way she felt, including in her attitude and sleep habits. Karyne realized she needed a nutrition plan and the support of a nutrition coach. She signed up for nutrition coaching and started going to CrossFit 5x a week! She attributes the plate method and the support of her nutrition coach as the fundamental steps to her incredible weight loss journey.

How Karyne's nutrition coach, Nikki has helped her on her journey

Nikki’s encouragement and her straight to the point mindset helped Karyne achieve her goals and she continues to. She is Karyne’s accountability partner. Karyne will text photos of her food and meal plans for the day to Nikki for accountability and support. 

Karyne's advice to someone struggling to make a change in their life and health

Start now!  Don’t put it off, procrastination on your health is probably one of the worst things you can do. If it’s on your mind, and it’s weighing on your mind and you don’t think you can do it, it’s you, only lying to yourself. Don’t give up, just keep trying! 

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