Nutrition Made Simple Podcast Episode 86: Understanding Blood Sugar Management & Continuous Glucose Monitoring (Part 2)

In this episode, host Nicole Aucoin and guest Brittany Wharton, a registered dietitian and CrossFit trainer, discuss the importance of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) in managing blood sugar levels. Nicole and Brittany explain how CGM works, its benefits for diabetic patients, and how it has changed diabetes management over the years. They also discuss the problems with the current healthcare system in managing diabetes and how CGM can help prevent complications of the disease.
Nicole and Brittany also emphasize the importance of taking control of your health and using tools like CGM to make informed decisions. By understanding your body’s response to food and making small lifestyle changes, you can significantly improve your health outcomes and prevent chronic disease.
Here are some key points they discuss:
-Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) is important for understanding what’s going on inside the body.
-CGM benefits diabetic patients and has changed diabetes management over the years.
-CGM device is user-friendly, painless, and may be covered by insurance for diabetic patients.
-CNOs platform and CGM can help prevent complications of diabetes and improve healthcare system management.
-Personal experiences of patients highlight the importance of managing blood sugar levels to prevent severe health issues.
-Factors that influence blood sugar levels include food, medications, illness, and stress, and understanding how one’s body responds to food is crucial.
-CGM provides instant feedback and helps clients make healthier lifestyle choices, identify food groups that cause blood sugar spikes, and aid in weight loss by tracking nutrient timing with workouts.
-Understanding one’s body is essential to prevent chronic diseases that can be costly in the long run.
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