Top 6 Nutrition Made Simple Podcast Episodes To Help You Make Health A Way Of Life One Step At A Time In 2021

About Healthy Steps Nutrition & The Nutrition Made Simple Podcast

At Healthy Steps Nutrition, we believe something as fundamental as nutrition shouldn’t be complicated, which is why we focus on a simple habit-based approach when working with clients. We know that becoming the healthiest version of yourself isn’t just about what you eat.
That’s why we look at a holistic approach; sleep, stress management, support system, exercise, lifestyle, and nutrition to help clients make health a way of life one step at a time.

I’m your host, Nicole Aucoin, registered dietitian and founder of Healthy Steps Nutrition, CrossFit HSN, and HSN Mentoring. I’m the author of the Healthy Kids Cookbook, 100% kid-approved recipes for the whole family.

Top Episodes With Healthy Steps Nutrition Coaches To Provide Simple Tips To Make Health A Way Of Life One Step At A Time

Episode 36: Nutrition, Hormones & Your Health

In this episode, Nicole Aucoin and Amanda Haar discuss nutrition, hormones, and your health! Amanda Haar is a registered dietitian at Healthy Steps Nutrition who specializes in hormone and women’s health.
In this episode, Amanda discusses each of these four factors that influence hormone health and one actionable tip you can take to improve each.
We work with so many clients at HSN HQ diagnosed with POCS or hypothyroidism and struggle to lose weight or get pregnant. Amanda works with them to optimize hormone health naturally through nutrition.
Be sure to listen in for those actionable tips and the recap at the end!

Episode 8: 5 Habits Of Highly Successful Nutrition Clients

Over two-thirds of people will regain the weight they worked so hard to lose after following a diet. 
What do the one-third have in common who are able to lose weight and keep it off? 
Today, Nicole Aucoin and Ashley Osterman discuss five key characteristics of highly successful nutrition clients.
After training over 3,500 gym owners and nutrition coaches using the Healthy Steps Nutrition platform, and helping over 40,000 people make health a way of life through the simple, habit-based approach; there are some key characteristics that the most successful nutrition clients have to see lasting results!

Episode 16: Meal Prepping For Beginners

Are you interested in learning how to meal prep?
Meal prepping is one of the most valuable skills you can develop to set yourself up for success.
This week, Nicole Aucoin and Ashley Osterman break down the idea of meal prepping into simple and actionable steps. They discuss some of our top efficiency tips and some common mistakes when you first learn how to meal prep!
Whether you are a seasoned meal prepper or just getting started, this episode is for you!

Episode 40: CrossFit, Nutrition & Your Health

Amanda Haar is the lead dietitian at Healthy Steps Nutrition HQ. She specializes in women’s health, hormones, and family nutrition. 
In this episode, Nicole Aucoin and Amanda Haar discuss:
  • The sickness-wellness-fitness continuum and what it means
  • The link between CrossFit, Nutrition, your health, and disease prevention
  • How to make health a way of life utilizing nutrition and CrossFit 

Top Guests On The Nutrition Made Simple Podcast

Episode 23: Creating The Life You Want Through Intentional Decisions & Finding Your Tribe To Support You

Today’s guest on the podcast is Shayla McCormick. Shayla and her husband, TJ, are the lead pastors at Coastal Community Church in Parkland, FL. Shayla has a passion for helping people discover their purpose in life and walk it out in their lives.
In this episode, Nicole Aucoin and Shayla MCormick discuss:
  • How to make intentional decisions that lead you to the life you want
  • Finding a tribe of people to support you
  • What accountability means to her

Nicole Aucoin was recently on the Coastal Community Mid-Week Podcast, discussing faith and mental health. You can listen to that episode HERE.

Episode 34: The Connection Between The Food You Eat, Gut Health, Anxiety & Depression

Dr. Uma Naidoo is the world’s first “triple threat” in the food and medicine space: a Harvard-trained psychiatrist, Professional Chef graduating with her culinary schools’ most coveted award, and a trained Nutrition Specialist.
Today’s guest on the podcast is Dr. Uma Naidoo. She is the author of This Is Your Brain on Food: An Indispensable Guide to the Surprising Foods That Fight Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, OCD, ADHD, and More.


In this podcast, Nicole Aucoin and Dr. Naidoo discuss:
  • Tends with mental health during and post-COVID
  • The link between food, mental health, and gut health
  • Food and depression
  • Food and anxiety
  • Supplements to consider

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