Meet The Campbells & Follow Their Nutrition Journey With Healthy Steps Nutrition

About The Campbell Family

They are probably just like you and your family — busy juggling work, kids and all of life’s activities. 
They wanted help creating a plan to get healthy in the new year so they signed up for Family Nutrition Coaching with Healthy Steps Nutrition. 
To inspire other families to make health a way of life, we are documenting their entire journey — starting with an initial meeting. 
If you are curious about how a nutrition coach could help you and your family, watch this video. 


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Understand Their WHY

Eating healthy is simple, not easy. Before creating a plan for clients, nutrition coaches need to understand the WHY behind the goals. 
For the Campbell family, their goals are to become healthier in the new year, eat more meals at home, and to help their kids understand what eating healthy really looks like. 
Clark said, “I don’t want my kids learning what healthy looks like at the age of 35.” 

Let's Make A Plan

Before creating a plan, your coach needs to determine your baseline and where you are starting from. It’s important that the entire family is bought into the plan, so they are all involved throughout the entire process.
Emma (their daughter) looked through the brand new, cookbook and picked out 8-10 recipes that she thought looked good. These recipes are what they will prep to create balanced meals for weeks to come. 

Creating A Grocery List

After picking out three staples for the week, Jason and Kristen do an inventory of what they have and make a grocery list. 
It sounds simple but without a plan, you end up getting things that go to waste. During week one of their nutrition plan, the Campbell family staples were Egg Roll In A Bowl, Turkey Chili, and Cheesy Beef and Broccoli Bake! 

Let's Go Shopping

Nicole & Clark went grocery shopping to buy everything on the list. 
While grocery shopping, Nicole talked about easy substitutes and healthy alternatives. Nicole also taught Clark the difference between cuts of meat and what the numbers really mean on the package when reading food labels. 
Emma even helped pick out some of the produce! 

Kids In The Kitchen

Kids love getting involved in the kitchen and making recipes from the Kids Cookbook! 
Getting kids involved in the entire process increases buy-in. Jason cooked with the kids, while Clark and Nicole made Egg Roll In A Bowl. 

Pantry Clean Out

Next, we went through the pantry! Kristen and Clark learned how to read a nutrition facts label and understand what balanced meals and snacks look like. 
Like most parents, they were shocked to see how much added sugar was in the foods that they thought were healthy. 

Eating Healthy Doesn't Have To Be Complicated

The goal of the Family Nutrition Program is to take the stress out of eating healthy and empower families to make health a way of life one step at a time. Follow along with the Campbell Family on Instagram. 


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