5 Tips to Banish Bloating

5 tips banish bloating

Bloating is found in 96% of patients with gastro-intestinal issues and 10-30% of the general population. Bloating is a subjective term referring to to abdominal distention. Many of my clients complain of bloating. Here are some suggestions to help combat bloating: Click HERE for a handout on bloating 1. Cut back on artificial sweeteners Artificial […]

Now offering Nutrition Seminars and Health Screenings at Gyms!

healthy steps nutrition gym counseling

We are excited to now be offering nutrition seminars and health screenings at Crossfit locations throughout the state! Being a vendor at The Bacon Beatdown allowed us to connect with many affiliates who are interested in offering this service to their members. If your box is interested in hosting a nutrition seminar, please contact us!

Health Benefits of Omega-3s

Did you know that the health benefits of omega-3s go far beyond increasing your HDL aka good cholesterol? Studies link DHA and EPA omega-3s to management of mood disorders, brain health, blood pressure management, ADHD, helping with recovery and muscle recovery after workouts as well as decreased risk for many cancers. Make sure you are […]

Food 4 Fuel: Nutrition for Competition

healthy steps nutrition crossfit tips

Food4Fuel: Competition Nutrition I have received many questions recently from crossfit athletes regarding how to eat before and during competitions. When competing multiple events during the course of a day, there are some things that you should keep in mind. You want fuel your body with foods that you can break down and absorb quickly. […]

5 Nutrition Tips for Crossfit Athletes

healthy steps nutrition crossfit tips

How can you ensure that all your hardwork at the box is giving you optimal results? Crossfit athletes push themselves as hard as they can during WODs, but many lack the knowledge about proper nutrition pre and post-workout. Most crossfitters don’t realize that nutrition, hydration and recovery is what enables athletes to have optimal performance. […]

Nutrition Fiction vs. The Facts

There is so much mixed information out there about which diet is the best and most effective. Unfortunately,the truth is there isn’t a quick fix to losing weight. It takes hard work and dedication. It’s time to sort the fiction from the facts!! Here are some popular myths: 1. Cutting Carbs Out Completely! Carbohydrates are […]

What’s Your Motivation?

Living a healthy lifestyle is not something that happens accidentally. It is an intentional way of life that yields many benefits for those who choose to follow that path. Take a moment to reflect on your motivation for following a healthy lifestyle. Ask yourself: What motivates me to be healthy? What benefits will I see […]